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The community of Asquith wants YOU!  Our community has a lot to offer potential new citizens and we are very excited about offering an ideal situation for someone who is looking to build a new residence or a new business.  Asquith is a small but vibrant community that is close enough to the City of Saskatoon to offer its amenities, but far enough away to offer the joys of a small town community and small town living.  Our tree-lined streets and friendly faces will welcome you to our community !
Currently the Town has lots that are over 60’ frontage for a total cost of $30,000 + GST.  Featured below are some potential houses that you could put on our town lots along with what it would cost. Click on a slide below to view the floor plan plus other info. Of course, the sky is the limit and you can build your own, pick a different design, bring in a new RTM, etc.!  On top of these lots being so very affordable (as compared to lots in the City of Saskatoon well over $100,000) the Town of Asquith is also offering tax incentives to new home builds and new businesses! 

To take advantage of great business or residential opportunities in the Town of Asquith call (306-329-4341 ) or email today !


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a)      The Town will not assess new home construction in the year that

construction begins.

b)      The Town will not assess a new RTM home or a home deemed eligible by Council in the year that the home is moved into the municipality.

c)      The Town will provide a tax concession on the municipal tax levy as follows:

·         100% off of municipal tax levy 1st year

·         75% off of municipal tax levy 2nd year

·         50% off of municipal tax levy 3rd year


a)      This policy applies to the applicant of the building permit and is non-transferable.

b)      The incentive will be based on the date of occupancy which must be within two (2) years of the date of issuance of the building permit or moving permit for the owner to qualify.

c)      Occupancy is established when the owner activates their Town utility account for billing.


a)      Once conditions are met, a request in writing must be made to the Council of the Town of Asquith.

b)      The above are guidelines for incentives and shall be authorized and implemented by resolution at the discretion of Council of the Town of Asquith for each incentive granted.

Policy effective: December 10, 2014

To take advantage of great business or residential opportunities in the Town of Asquith call (306-329-4341 ) or email today !